Building a Successful Online Business Brand

Creating a business online with a reputable brand name on the internet requires a considerable number of factors to beat the competition within the same scope of business. Following these simple crafted tips can be the precipitating factor which determines how your online business brand stands out.

1.  Invest in a brief and easy to remember domain name

Getting your domain name is fundamentally the first step in building an online presence. Start with securing a short, brief and easy to remember domain name. The domain name can be tied with business name as potential customers can easily search and remember it. This helps the intended market to remember your site.

2.  Design a magnificent website.

Building an online business requires a platform which the target market will be able to use and participate fully in, as they search for services and products offered. That’s the essence of a website; it is ideally the soul of online businesses and an incredibly powerful marketing medium.

Grabbing the attention of prospective website visitors and maintaining them, as well as reaping from their viewership, calls for start-up businesses to invest in a professional website that is user friendly, and contains the appropriate functions of a business website. There are free options out there, but professional and exceptional websites offer the best value for your money. Getting the services of expert website creators to build creative, unique, and yet simple websites are highly recommended.

Some important tips to keep in mind when designing your website:

  • Choose a comfortable font to use for text, wavy and italized fonts are a bit cumbersome to read so try using a straight strong font e.g. Arial, Calibri.
  • Let it be user friendly; the links and buttons should be easy to find and use.
  •  Include beautiful graphics, and also videos to radiate and create confidence among your customers.
  •  Provide an interactive and responsive section where people can comment or ask questions, e.g. email feedbacks, live chat or social sites platforms.
  •  For a product selling website, make it easy to navigate through. Clicks on products and links should be functional and crisp.
3.  Get an email address with your domain

Emails are very important in today’s business environment. Basically, almost all serious online businesses reserve formal email address. Create email addresses that connote the core of the business; i.e., let the email address reflect the business services and products. It creates a sense of professionalism.

Investing in a paid email service is one way to give confidence to clients that indeed the business is serious as opposed to using free email hosted services, e.g. Gmail or yahoo.

4.  Create content that appealing and inviting.

As we all know, content is the real value behind a website. So, bear in mind, messy and badly written content quickly puts people off. Website content should abide by this outline of being, creative, unique and informative. Let the reader subtly find what they are looking for without much fidgeting. It is paramount to create good content that fully explains your services and products.

Today, search engines use keywords search to rate the success of websites and blogs.  The system is referred as SEO optimization. It is imperative to have SEO standards when writing content for your website. This means that you highlight and ingeniously input the keywords that are related to your line of product, which search engines will use to find your website when the lead keywords are searched on the web. This guarantees your website ranks higher than your competition.

5.  Grow your social base using social media platforms

Social media was primarily used for personal interactions, but it has immensely grown into a strong and profitable marketing tool. Most successful online businesses have mastered the art of using social media to their benefit. Embrace twitter, Facebook or other social mediums to build and maintain a client base. They offer real time customer feedbacks.

6.  Add your businesses to Online Business Directories

Beyond writing SEO optimized content, which is used by prospective customers and search engines to find your website, one can add their business name to an online directory that clients could use to look-up product and service offerings within their locality.

Business directories are very useful for important local business leads. Google offers a free local online business listing service known as Google Places, which provides great features for businesses. You can setup a ‘Places Page’ on Google with the ability to add photos, videos, coupons, and even real-time updates like weekly specials. There are also other business directories like, Yellow pages, Manta, and more, which many businesses use.