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Buying A Domain Name

buy a domain nameBuying a domain name can be challenging for an individual or business which is new to the workings of the web. It is essential when buying a domain name to pick one which not only compliments the business and individual, but also allows the development of your own identity and brand. The domain extension and memorability are also very important issues to consider. All these issues are further explained to help beginners with the process of buying a domain name.

Although most of the great domain names have all been taken, brainstorming and finding a domain name unique to your interest or business can prove to be a valuable decision for the development of an identity on the web. The idea behind having an identity is that by branding your business, it gives you more control over the long-term growth. A distinguished brand will help boost sales, build customer loyalty and create brand value; it adds a sense of security which motivates your customers to buy your product. A brand is usually associated with a logo, business name, domain name and other images that consumers associate with your company and product. It is about the unique characteristics that distinguish your product from the competition. When a brandable name is created, it is important to also purchase other important variations of that name. For example, if you purchase MyDomain.com for your website, buying the other domain names such as MyDomain.net, MyDomain.org and MyDomain.info can help protect the brand; these other domain names can be used as a source of traffic by redirecting visitors to the main site.

It is very important in the growing online business trend to make your website memorable. This can help make your site easy to find and set your business apart from the thousands of other websites in your focus market. The ability to get your site on that path starts by buying a domain name that is catchy. We all understand what it's like trying to remember a domain name which is either too long or just does not capture our attention. A catchy domain name gives your customer a sense of connection to your business, and the need to share that attachment by referring others to your website.

Domain extensions come in a wild variety, and these numbers seem to be increasing steadily. Most of us are familiar with .com, .net, .org, .info and a few other extensions. But the most popular is the .com extension, and it is the ideal domain extension to have when starting an online business. It is necessary to have the .com extension because this is the initial web address anyone visiting your site directly from the browser address bar types in. Although the organization responsible for the global domain name system - ICANN allows the ability for individuals and organizations to register new domains by creating new extensions, the unfortunate truth is the .com extension still remains dominant in the search engines and in the minds of internet user. If the domain extension is not a .com chances are your business will be directing visitors to someone else's website or business. Therefore, if your online business is to become successful, buying a domain name other than the .com is not a good idea.

When buying a domain name, you need to understand how branding can propel your business forward. Also, the importance of selecting the right domain extension and making every experience memorable for your consumers can help the survival of your online business.

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