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Want To Create a Website?

create a websiteIf you are new to the idea of creating a website, this is a effort to present a few basic steps to accomplishing the task. The main focus of the guide is to outline the steps to create a website with minimal stress for a novice. This includes the acquiring of your domain name, web hosting, and your pick between custom web design or the use of a web application.

To create a website you need to decide on:

Finding your domain name

Before you can actually purchase your domain name, there is a very important initial step. You need to have a clear idea of the website's audience and the main topic because it can help make your search for a domain name much easier; a name can tell a lot about a business. Much like registering a business name, a domain name has to be registered with a domain registrar for an annual fee. This is an important step to understand how to create a website; a deeper insight on the topic is found in the articles buying a domain name and finding a domain name to get you on the right track. When you make that decision on your domain name, you may register it with Giszo.com or any registrar.

Pick Your Web Host

Another important step to create a website is to pick the right web host. The web host provides you with the web resources to get you online; this is where all your web pages (files), images, etc. will be published to facilitate the browsing of your website by the rest of the world.

There are thousands of excellent web hosts out there reaching out for your business, but where some fail is in price and support. When you sign up for a web hosting plan with Giszo.com, you are assured the best prices, support and hosting infrastructure.

This is another vital step to create a website which can be further clarified by the articles web hosting services and free or paid hosting.

Designing the web pages

This is the next step to create a website, and assuming you will be doing the designing yourself, you can use one of several WYSIWYG editors. The improvement in these "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editors makes designing your webpages a lot less technical than in the past. You can choose to use Adobe Dreamweaver, Iweb, Microsoft Expression Web, or any editor you are comfortable with, free or paid really does not matter. Kompozer is a great free editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, if you are under a tight budget.

But these editors are suitable for building web pages for static websites; these sites are not as user interactive as dynamic sites. Dynamics websites are basically sites where the pages are generated on request from a database. Although these sites are more complex, with today's available application like Wordpress, the ability create a website that's dynamic is very possible for even a beginner. WordPress and many other applications with these capabilites such as Joomla, Drupal, Dotnetnuke (community edition), etc. are all free and amazing web design applications and tools, and growing more popular every day. WordPress has become the preferred choice for reasons stated in this article Wordpress Hosting.

Create a website for Search Engine readiness

Your search engine optimization begins in the development process of the website. SEO is another important task if you want to get your site in search engines like Google and Bing. This is another reason WordPress has become so popular; it allows the use of plugins like Yoast which makes this process pain-free. If you decide to use custom web design methods, much of this task will have to be done by you, your web designer, or an SEO professional. It is also recommended that you sign up for Google and/or Bing Webmaster tools for quick indexing of pages by submitting sitemaps; it's a valuable tool to monitor your website progress and issues in the search engines.

Create a website to selling products or services

Selling products on your site appears very complicated but it's not, tedious might be a better way to describe it. You can purchase a quick shopping cart option from Giszo.com, use an ecommerce plugin if your site is built with WordPress, or use Paypal or any other third party payment gateway of your choice.

In summary this is the basic process involved if you want to create a website. It may appear daunting especially if you lack the interest and technical skills, but the task is not hopeless, as there are many tools and ways to get your website online.

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