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Email Account

Email AccountIf you are using or as your business email account, there will come a time when you will have to obtain a more professional business email address. These email accounts are ideal for everyday personal use, but if you want the business community to take you seriously, a Gmail or Hotmail account just won't cut it. Your email account can say a lot about you and your business or your profession.

Free Personalized Email Account With Domain Registration

Promote your domain name with FREE fraud, spam and virus protected email address which can be used for small businesses. The free email account includes 1GB total storage, and best of all, your personalized email account is customized to the domain name that you use for your Website (

Email Account Plans

Setup a unique and professional email address based on your registered domain. Our email not only provides you with a personalized address, but also powerful protection against viruses and spam, integrated tools like Calendar and Online Storage to keep you organized and much more. The Email account provides fully integrated messaging, including the ability to send text messages from your desktop and receive email and calendar alerts through Desktop Notifier. You can even send and receive messages from your smartphone!

What Will Your Email Account Offer You?

  • Access to your emails from any internet device, anywhere.
  • Ability to search for email by keyword or phase, date or other criteria.
  • Customizing and scheduling of communications outside of office.
  • A mobile version for faster streaming of downloads and better viewing.
  • Organize your messages by dragging and dropping them into folders
  • Read and manage your RSS feeds and blogs all in one place from the Workspace Homepage.
  • 99.9% availability, backups and redundancy
  • Junk email filter keeps your inbox clean with strong virus, spam and fraud protection.
  • FREE security patches.
  • Live phone and email support.
  • Integration with Calendar, Online Storage and Fax thru Email creates the perfect business solution.
Take a tour of our email account plans. View Email Plans!.
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