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SSL Certificates

ssl certificate

SSL certificates are designed to protect customer confidential information and transactions, such as personal details or credit card information, when processing data over the internet. It uses an advance level encryption and decryption systems to block out intruders; digital SSL certificates will secure your site or server with full 128/256 bit encryption. A 256 encryption means the SSL certificate offers the greatest level of security possible to online customers. And the truth is, the more your customers trust your website, the more they will do business with you.

The SSL certificate validation process

After you purchase an SSL certificate, activation of the SSL credit is required before beginning the process of requesting the ssl certificate. Your domain name registration information has to be validated, so ensure that it is correct. A request is submitted which has to be verified; you can monitor the progress of your certificate request in the Pending Requests folder and check your email for further instructions. During the selection of the appropriate hosting type, if you selected Web Hosting, Grid Hosting, Website Builder, Quick Shopping Cart or Dream Design Web Site when you requested your ssl certificate, the IP address will be automatically updated for your website when certificate is approved. If your domain name and web hosting are in different accounts or providers, the new IP address will have to be updated by you in the A record of your domain account.

Online security should be a very important part of your business plans when getting into an Ecommerce business. Your customers will look for the website's SSL Certificate which can be identified as a padlock symbol and the "https" in the browser address. If you've made the effort to build an online business, you will want to ensure it is secure and free from vulnerabilities.
SSL certificates provide a method to verify validity to browsers when they connect to servers. This protects the information that is exchanged between the user and the website.
An SSL certificate will not only help to build confidence and trust among your customers, it will also increase sales.

Choose from one of's best value high level SSL certificates, and build customer trust and business value. See blog for more on SSL certificates.
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