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Want To Start A Blog?

start a blogFor those who want to start a blog, or are new to blogging, here are a few steps and best practices to get you moving in the right direction. If you have never had a blog, this basic guide should be able to assist you in starting your blog.

Decide on a topic of your interest to blog about

You can increase your chances of having a successful blog if you focus on topics you are passionate about. When you have an interest in a subject area, it is a lot easier to produce blog articles of substance for your readers. Even if you have very little knowledge on the subject of interest, once you are willing to do your own research and information gathering, you will be able to produce appealing material for your blog visitors. For those who are not able to handle article writing, you can hire someone to write your blog articles for a small fee.

Domain name and web hosting

To start a blog, one of your biggest decisions will be whether you want to self-host, or use a free blogging service. When you use a free blogging service to start a blog, you do not get your own domain name. If you decide on a free blog service like Wordpress.com, your blog will look something like "www.myblog.wordpress.com". The Wordpress.com blog is not actually owned by you; free blog services are limited in features and earning posibilities. If you are interested in more than just writing posts and making a few dollars, then self-hosting is a better route. When it comes time to building a business and taking control of your blog, self-hosting is the way to go. It offers more freedom, flexibility and power to challenge your blog, especially if you want your business blog to reach its fully earning potential.

Giszo.com offers a one-click wordpress installation plan for self-hosting your blog at only $2.79 a month based on how long your sign up for. Wordpress is one the best blogging software; it is simple, stable and perfect for starting a blog.

A domain name is necessary if you are going to have a self-hosted blog. Once you decide on a topic for your blog, you may want to search and register an available domain name around your topic of interest. Click learn more about buying a domain name.

Blogging to success

  • Purchase the cheapest self-hosting plan to start your blog. You can always upgrade to the unlimited plan once your blog grows.
  • Bring personality to your blog by engaging your readers. You can engage readers by writing about interesting stories, techniques and ideas you think they can relate to. Make your blog a place for readers to interact through comments, competitions and questions.
  • Include RSS reader buttons so readers can subscribe to your feed, and opt-in newsletters to update and get them to return to your blog. But, for readers to have that urge to return to your website, the content must by refreshing.
  • There will be tough times in blogging when it comes to acquiring and maintaining good traffic, especially with so many other competitive blogs. You will want to give up at times, but don't. Just remember your good days will out-weigh the bad, and stick to it.
  • You do not have to post articles to your blog every day or even every week, but new posts are necessary to keep your blog alive or it will lose traffic. If keeping them updated is difficult, you should sell them while the traffic is still good.
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