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Transfer Domain Names

transfer domainWhy should you transfer your domain name to

Many Domain registrars charge $12-$35 per year for each .com domain name. aims to continue offering cheap domain registration and domain transfer at only $8.99 per year. We give you complete control over your domain name DNS, forwarding and masking, domain locking and even domain registration information.

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For transferring your domain names to, you will receive a FREE 1-year registration extention. Also, if you were to transfer five or more domain names, you will receive FREE private registration.

Start Your Domain Transfer Now!

Domain Transfer Process

Transferring your domain name can be a tricky process when you have never done it before. The steps to accomplish this task is very simple through most registrars but there may exist additional steps based on the registrars website and web application platform. Generally, the transferring of your domain names will follow these procedures:

  • Preparing domain names for transfer
  • A valid email address is required in the administrative contact section of your domain registration information. It is important because both registrars will be using this email to communicate transfer information during the process. Also, ensure that your domain is not locked with the current registrar. Not all domain extentions require an authorization code but you may need one, so check with your registrar.

  • Authorizing the domain transfer
  • For the domain transfer to complete, you may need to log into your account where the status will require that you authorize the transfer. To avoid setbacks, you will need to have your transaction ID, security code and authorization code (if necessary).

  • Checking the domain transfer progress
  • Keep checking your email for transfer status; your registrar might send a request for transfer approval. An acceptance or rejection notice may also appear in your email which will require your attention.

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