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Web Hosting Services

web hosting serviceIn choosing a web hosting service, there are a few concerns you may need clarified before a decision can be made on a web hosting provider. Based on the type of website one is looking to host, such concerns may include bandwidth and storage, the cost of hosting and the choice between a shared or a dedicated server .

Bandwidth and storage are very important when selecting a web hosting service. Understanding these concepts are pretty simple when you have determine what type of website you will be hosting. Is your website going to be one of low bandwidth or high bandwidth? Low bandwidth websites would entail sites such as blogs, personal and small business websites, niche sites and online stores. High bandwidth sites would include social networking sites, user-based content sites, video sites and large forums. If your website is going to be one of high traffic, a video feed site like Vimeo, a photo gallary site like Fotolia or any of these combinations, you will need an unlimited bandwidth and storage web hosting plan. In an unlimited bandwidth and storage plan, the servers are not meant to be used to upload and save music files, movies and other personal content. The bandwidth and storage resources must be used for the website content. Most unlimited web hosting services are offered with restrictions which may make misuse of the space and bandwidth an automatic account cancellation or against the law.

When purchasing a web hosting package, the sensible thing to do is to start with the minimum hosting plan which will work for your website launch. When you first launch a website the traffic is normally low; it would be pointless, and a waste of money taking a more expensive plan which provides more resources than needed. It is very easy to upgrade your web hosting package as the website grows and the need arises. Prices vary from one web host to another, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $5.00 to over $100 a monthly depending on the type of web hosting service you require.

Should you do a shared or a dedicated server hosting plan? Shared hosting means you will be sharing storage on a server with other customers. A dedicated server on the other hand is yours, and yours alone. You do not actually own the dedicated server, but you will be the only customer using that hosting server. When it comes to cost, dedicated servers are generally a lot more expensive than shared hosting servers. Unless you are planning on hosting multiple websites or running a massive site with high traffic and bandwidth usage, a dedicated server is not necessary.

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